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Our environmental pogrom bring local knowledge and a local trusted relationship with regulatory authorities and the public in the countries in which we operate. Our local presence is crucial as we use those local regulatory relationships, understanding  quickly using local knowledge and the best team of global experts appropriate for the project.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. We will provide complete set of solar panels, Inverter on greed or off greed as per situation along with electric induction cooking systems, home or kitchen composting systems in 24 hours to eliminate both carbon dioxide emissions,Methane emission,from cooking and kitchen west where uses png, lpg and wood or other farm west for cooking.  Which also eliminate carbon particle emission, pollution in air and kitchen composting also help to clean environment of urban and semi urban cities world wide.
  1. To implement project 1. Will establish assemble and manufacturing unit to avail carbon credit earning for investors for additional income which enable better return on Investment for the investors.
  1. Establishing bio cng plant in community of urban and rural area to eliminate wastage of farm west and manure for providing additional income to farmers and villagers.  And eliminate Methen gas emissions which is a great cause of glacier melting.
  1. To purchase bulk land by the company and develop as Vertical farming hydroponic farm of two acre unit to produce sugar beet or sweet potato . This farm will distribute among landless farmers for there economic development on profit sharing basis to maintain farm between farmers and our organization.
  1. And for marginal farmer we will finance on contract farming basis to produce most valuable and economic viable products depending on location of the farm .
  1. To establish sugar plant for processing sugar beet, ethanol as green fuel and bio composting unit to produce bio cng and fertilizer.
  1. To establish water production plants in community basis from air using solar electricity wherever required or any other technology as feasible.
  1. To establish research and development centres subject to Gov’t permission to do research on glaciar restoration to continue flow of water world wide by the organization.
  1. To act asMerchant trader of west material and metal, plastic, rubber and other scrap to generate capital and unemployment problems.
  1. The above all project will be implemented through partnership with unemployed ,associate , aggg investor member on 100 % funding basis to generate employment.

To upgrade forest of degraded forest on economic plantation subject to govt permission or with private land owner on profit sharing basis through NGO , individuals, ggg investor member for revenue generation forest model without cutting plants . The forest will upgraded looking on the basis of forest animal, endanger spices and animals ,insect and birds for there salter food and water to enable scientific development of forest.

  1. To support our associate or partner to establish start up project to support entrepreneur form every respect from incorporate to fundraising.
  1. To assist and free consultancy to our investors member/ partners for higher education in other countries, education loan ,immigration and employment in overseas countries from undeveloped countries to devloped and developing countries worldwide. SCOPE OF INVESTMENT:
  • Any person can invest £10 as convertible debenture bearing an interest 18% per year for 3 years to be our associate or partner to implement our project . Total no of £ 10 bond is 10,000 ( Including ten thousand  2000 reserved for land less farmers to start our unick model project in India)
  • Any NGO ,VO, or Individual can invest £100 to be as project partner for particular project based in there are and country as decided mutually. ( no of this partner minimum 10 maximum 100 depending on population  and area of the country from each undeveloped countries and GGG have right to refuse to allot in this category if required.
  • 1000 £ at a time or 100 £ per mont for 10 instruments. of small investors for extra investment earning with a return of 100% yearly on there investment payable after one year on every or after 100 investor from worldwide which is earlyer for trading and startup funding investment managed by our experts world wide.

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