Any one can invest from world wide from GBP 10 to 10,000 as preseed bond but no of bond is limited in no and amount as mentioned in our investment category.

  • Investments in social project is a new concept for developing and underdeveloped countries.  Our investment scope as preseedfund is for developing a model project on economic development of poor people who are holding small plot of land and farm labors reproducing raw material of ethanol, fodder and bio cng from farm produce offering steady monthly income of small farmers and laborers as well environmental pollution reduction in a single multiple project. The cost of project estimated xxxx GBP of which we are offering  to raise 5 million GBP of fundraising from investor . Minimum investment fund is GBP 5 and maximum 1,000 to enable small investor to make them earn through investment out of share market which is too risky for small investors.
  • Our second investment project to establish a futuristic urban and rural housing with garden and innovative water and waste management systems to enable redesign future colony of existing urban, semi urban and rural housing concepts to reduce global warming world wide.

We are offering GBP 3 million for small investors  as per seed funding.

  • Our third project to be self sufficient on financing to start online lotteryand wallet banking business worldwide for whichwe are offering GBP 3.8 hundred thousand for small investors as pre seed fund as required to start project based in Europe world wide operating from UK.
  • To raise fund for our won and reducing recyclable west disposal from developed countries to recycle to save energy cost of material from metal and non metal scrap which will also reduced new mining to protect environment. GBP 1 hundred thousand been offer for small pre seed investors with a return estimated 100% of investment.

N.B For international trading we are looking for JV partner of 4.5 million GBP to 6.5 million GBP on profit sharing basis without paying any kind of cash payment advance to anyone and first payment will be made within 45 days from the date of issuing instrument and every quarter payment will be made as profit percentage only .