Who are we?

Our Mission

Our Mission:- we All Global Green Group is  an unit of All Consultant Limited  UK  to implement its objectives;

To do CO2 zero  emmition in every household and small business owners who are using , LPG,PNG or CNG or wood or straw to get heat energy which is emitting CO2 every day to replace electrical power cooking system or heating system world wide based in UK initially in India and undeveloped countries world wide .

To work on economic development of poor landless and marginal farmer through an unick land development in farming project first time  in world to be introduced for there economic development on partnership


To work on economic development of poor people and global warming world wide based in uk using degraded forest land with the help of Government of various countries using forests land as economic resources also to develop degraded forest into high density forest with economic resources for providing employment to unemployed, food for forest animal,bird, insectand re-establishing natural food chain with economic development plants for respective countries.


To establish a research centre on Glacier melting restoration research and development for implement of future disaster to re establish glaciers world wide.


Work on portable water, and Green energy development resources establishing production and Research through N.G.O. , V.O. and enter pruner from undeveloped countries starting from India and Africa initially .


To implement  this project to accumulate funds will create 3 tier organization through NGO,V.O and Individual to raise fund through various resource as permissible within law.


Vision of All Green Global Group:-Our vision to raise awareness among people to eliminate co2 and other pollution from grassroots label from every household, small business establishment who may not contribute or capable to invest fund for making there house and establishment to become pollution free we will provide long term financial support providing equipment on easy instalment on reducible and affordable interest. To funding the project initially we will introduce below activities to raise fund 


  • Introduce online affiliate lottery website till we obtain licence for our won lottery business worldwide with a provisions to support back to regular players during bankruptcy after a certain period
  • Raising fund through investment by investors from 10 pound and its multiple there of but no one allowed  to invest more than 1000 USD which is a convertible debenture will be converted after 3 years and no of unit is limited as described in (partnership &Investment)
  • International loan and jv project funding from investor to its various project .
  • Promoting individual to avail start-up funding from various government world wide from respective countries by us through our associate and Individual.
  • To avail grant and donation for upgredetion of forest and water body cleaning services as innovative way to generate revenue of the organization.
  • To make a group of person world wide as associate to implement this project on mutual financial benefit of participant and organization for detail go to(Partnership &investment) page.


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